Bethesda Christian Church, Sterling Heights, MI

A 3,000 seat auditorium built in a fan shape design with dual mezzanine and a large bi-level balcony. The task of providing even coverage was formidable. Grecco determined that a true LCR system with dual stereo imaging through out the room would conquer the task. To achieve this, Grecco hung three 11 box line arrays with dual-stereo wings in a LCR configuration supported by 16 sub cabinets and 8 front fills.

Products Used:

Center Cluster: (11) Dual 12 inch Self Powered Line Array boxes
Left/Right Cluster: (11) Single 12 inch Self Powered Line Array boxes
Front Fills: (6) 3-way 6 inch Self Powered boxes
Subs: (16) Dual 18 inch Self Powered, (8 in reverse poloraity for pattern control).
Wings (44) Self Powered Wing boxes for reverse left and right imaging.


Celebration Covenant Church, Frisco, TX 5.1 Surround

Constructed as a “theatrical performance” room with a strong emphasis on intelligent lighting and video projection, Celebration Covenant Church’s 5.1 surround sound audio was an obvious format to choose. Grecco designed three 7 box line arrays in front to provide the LCR imaging with dual trap box clusters in the LR and RR positions. Six front fills and six dual 18 subs completed the system. “We are media heavy here at Celebration Covenant Church with nearly all of our video presentations mixed in 5.1. During our live worship, I mix in percussion and effects in the Left-Rear and Right-Rear channels to create a huge atmosphere for our congregants. We love the crystal clear sound from Grecco’s speakers and most especially from the ribbon tweeters which are pure joy to listen to and mix on” says Danny Beaver, audio engineer at Celebration Covenant Church - Frisco, TX.


Covenant Church, Carrollton, TX 5.1 Surround Sound d

Using over 300 speaker components throughout Covenant Church’s 2,500-seat auditorium, Grecco employed a sophisticated 21 cabinet line array system with dual-stereo wings set in a LCR configuration. The system also employs 12 dual 18 inch subs, 10 trap boxes in the balcony’s fascia for surround channels, 20 trap boxes for balcony coverage, 4 front fills and 8 monitors. It also boosts one of the first custom made personal headphone systems ever installed in a church (before the launch of Aviom). In addition there are two FM transmitters and personal Walkman-style FM receivers for the 100 voice choir to eliminate 100% of wedge volume from the platform. The system has a total of 72,500 watts of amplifier power providing crystal clean frequency response. Since ribbon drivers present very low amounts of distortion, it is not uncommon for the high-energy worship services at Covenant Church to be operating at 110 dB SPL in the house!

The room is tuned with Whisper Walls ® core and acoustical designer fabric as well as four dual 18 inch cabinets in reverse polarity strategically placed and delayed to help control the low frequency build-up in the room. FOH engineer Stan George states, “Mixing on these speakers is like [taking] a walk in the park. I do not have to overwork EQ to make the instruments and vocals sound as they naturally do. I only wish I had a system like this I could take on the road with me when I am out on tour.”

Hidden behind the fabric in the fascia of the balcony are the 10 trap boxes used for surround sound; four speakers beneath the rear room balcony and three speakers beneath both the left and right side balconies facing diagonally to the stage. The digital console and the audio distribution system can be configured to provide completely separate sends to each of the speakers creating nearly limitless signal patterns (i.e. 5.1, 6.1, 10.1, etc.).


Dayton United Methodist

Dayton United Methodist has the same cluster design used at Netropolis Youth Facility in Carrollton TX. This design has three compression drivers in the center that are mounted to asymmetric down firing horns. The mids are comprised of 12 inch mid drivers that are horn loaded as well. The two cabinets on top and below hold dual 12 inch woofers. The cluster is self powered with all Class D amplifiers. Six under balcony boxes wer used as well as 6 Wedge Trap 12’s for over balcony. There are (4) dual 15 inch subs in the stage front and several W/T 12’s for floor monitors.


Faith Chapel – San Diego, CA

Faith chapel is a unique installation. It’s basically a large touring rig left in position when the tour was over. A lighting truss was pulled up and permanently left in place with three large ribbon self powered line array clusters. Eight dual 18-inch subs are buried under the stage, with front fills set into the stairs. This is a 2500 seat room, with a ton of PA…


Sections of the 80’ planar device underneath stage steps used as front fills.
First Baptist Church – Springdale, AR

First Baptist Church of Springdale Arkansas

(Pastor Ronnie Floyd), is a 16,000 member congregation in northwest Arkansas. The room seats close to 3000. Grecco used three main clusters consisting of dual 6 inch mid drivers, (horn loaded for pattern control) with horn loaded compression drivers between the large mid horns. The low end was provided by line array moduals of dual 12 inch woofers side by side and six tall. This was a very large cluster. Since everything is hidden by the scrim, we can only show you the back of the boxes. The DSP is providing all the LCR cross matrixing. There is an 80 foot long line source ribbon embedded in the front step for front fill use and 8 dual 18 inch subs under the platform.


Kidz Inc. is the 500 seat childrens room at First Baptist Springdale. For this installation Media Merge of Birmingham, AL used 6 wedge Traps in the air for a left, center, right configuration, four floor monitors, and two horn loaded dual 12 subs in the air. They won the award in 2006.


The Foundry Rescue Mission in Bessemer, Alabama

The Foundry Rescue Mission in Bessemer, Alabama, completed the renovation of their worship facility including a powerful theatrical lighting system, a high-def video system and 5.1 surround sound. The main cluster were three Installation Series boxes, and two dual 12 inch horn loaded subs. The surround system utilized Dual Wedge Trap six boxes.


Grace Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee

Grace Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee, recently completed the construction of a new
worship facility. The Installation Series boxes were used in stereo. There are also dual 18 inch subs.


Neotropolis Covenant Church - Carrollton, TX

Neotropolis is the youth facility at Celebration Covenant Church in Carrollton TX. This was previously a movie theater complex that the church purchased and converted into a youth center. The large room seats 500. Grecco used three multi firing point source clusters that provided a true left center right configuration. There are four dual 18- inch subs in the stage front and multiple floor monitors, all of the boxes are self powered.


Trinity Life Center - Sacramento, CA

Trinity life center is a stereo line array installation. The room was very deep, 140 feet to the back wall and seats 2500. Grecco used two 9-box self powered ribbon line arrays, and 8 dual 18-inch self powered subs under the front stage, as well as several powered floor monitors. He also did extensive acoustic work in this facility


Turning Point Church in McDonough, Georgia

Turning Point Church in McDonough, Georgia, recently completed construction of a new 300 seat worship center including new sound, video and lighting systems. The mains were custom built mini line arrays. The six inch ribbon is flanked by two six inch drivers. One is a mid range driver and the other is a woofer. The box was self powered. There are also two self powered dual 18 inch subs on stage.


Westgate Chapel has three sound systems.

Main Sanctuary Products:

Center Cluster: (3) Installation Series Self Powered Boxes
Front Fills: (4) 3-way Self Powered 6 inch Boxes
Subs: (2) Dual 18 inch Self Powered Boxes
Floor Monitors: (6) W/T 12’s

Commons Fellowship Hall:

Left/Right Clusters: (2) Wedge/Trap 15 inch Self Powered Boxes
Subs: (2) Dual 18 inch Self Powered Boxes
Floor Monitors: (2) W/T 12’s

Portable System:

Left/Right: (4) W/T 12’s


Word of Life Christian Center, Denver CO

Word of Life has two eight box line arrays behind covered columns on each side of the stage. This is a unique install because the line arrays are actually behind the pulpit and stage area where the singer stand on Sunday. Yet because of the pattern control of this box, there is no gain before feedback issue in this facility. The subs are flown dual 12’s over the pulpit with six boxes facing forward and three inverted boxes firing backwards for pattern control.