EASERA SysTune – Loudspeaker Measurement & System Alignment

Because Mr. Grecco is serious about providing his clients with the best tools possible to assist them in providing the best possible sound in all environments, he provides a complimentary copy of the live sound measurement software SysTune by SDA with each speaker system sold. Mr. Grecco partnered with SDA early on in the development of SysTune to help bring the remarkable tool to the industry.

SysTune represents a remarkable, if not incredible, step forward in its ability to take accurate acoustical measurements in real time even when an audience is present with no one knowing that measurements are occurring.

No more rushing to complete your final tuning before the crowd arrives - and then hoping you correctly accounted for the crowd’s affect on performance.
No more having to take acoustical measurements in an empty room or stadium and then factor in the difference an audience will make. No more having to guess at delay settings and suffer with erratic measurement results.
No more running around in a venue with a single microphone or hand held RTA and then trying to equalize the system blindly.

SysTune acquires impulse response data using live program material and simultaneously displays time-domain and frequency-domain information in real time! SysTune also has the ability to measure and process up to 8 input channels simultaneously. It can compute the average spectral response of those 8 channels and display the results in real time as well. This allows for much more accurate EQ to be applied to a system taking into account multiple locations within the audience area instead of just one.